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Category: Tree Service

How To Water Newly Planted Trees

The professional arborists at Advantage Tree Service in Des Moines, IA want to share advice about how to care for transplanted trees. New tree planting is one of the best…

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The Difference Between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

Advantage Tree Service is your reliable tree service company in Des Moines, IA. Call today to schedule a free quote! Tree stump grinding and stump removal are essential services in…

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The Risks Of DIY Tree Pruning

Advantage Tree Service explains the dangers of trimming your own trees and what they can do to help. For the average homeowner, tree trimming can be a hassle. Most homeowners…

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Inside the Job of an Arborist

Tree Service Pros in Quad Cities, IA Share Insight Into the World of an Arborist An arborist sometimes referred to as a tree surgeon, is a botany professional who specializes…

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Save Your Home from Tree Damage

Tree Service Experts based out of Des Moines, IA and Quad Cities Share About the Importance of Keeping Your Home Safe from Tree Damage   The Dangers of Tree Damage…

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When Blight Strikes, it’s Time To Be More Careful

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