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We simply could not be happier with the work that was recently done for us in our back yard by Advantage Tree Service. They were extremely professional, they did great work with great attention to detail, their clean up was exceptional, and it was really fun to watch them work and remove to large box elder trees! We would highly…

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I hired Advantage to remove a large Black Walnut tree that was uprooting due to heavy rains and flooding that was in danger of falling on my house. The leaning tree was an unpleasant surprise after a particularly bad storm and Advantage was the only company in town willing to come and look at the tree on such short notice.…

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Mark Perri

You pay for what you get, They did an amazing job, keep in mind there’s always someone who will do it cheaper either because they don’t have the proper insurance or equipment, this company has it all, workers comp, general liability, if your smart you will hire this company, you take chances of hiring someone else without proper insurance you…

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