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How The Christmas Tree Came To Be

Tree Service Pros in the Des Moines area explain the history of our beloved Christmas trees! 

Here’s How The Christmas Tree Earned Its Name

The Christmas tree dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and Romans. These trees had special meaning for people during the wintertime. In many other countries, they would use evergreens primarily because they believed it would keep away witches, evil spirits, illness, and Ghosts.

Over the years, other types of trees became more popular during the holidays such as pine, spruce, and fir. During the 1830s, the first Christmas tree was put on display by German settlers in Pennsylvania. Once the early 20th century began, American’s began using mostly handmade ornaments as tree decorations. 

Tinsel: People may know tinsel as the shimmering strands that hung heavily off of a Christmas tree in the 1990s. They are made from thin strips of silver until plastic tinsel was invented. Some say that the idea of tinsel came from a story involving a poor family and a spider. The spider covered the tree in cobwebs and they turned to silver and gold strands.

Lights: In the 1890s the Edison company decided to start offering lighting services for Christmas and then in the 1900’s they offered bulbs that could rent be rented, as well as a lighting system. Decorating a tree with lights wasn’t widely known until 1895 when Grover Cleveland, the US president at the time, hung white lights on a tree because his children liked them. 

Today’s Popular Tree Trimming Trends

Tree trimming, or tree decorating, is very popular all over the world. Families gather around the tree and place their favorite ornaments upon it. As the years go by, different trends arise. Here are some of the most popular ones of 2020: 

  • Wooden Decorations: One trend this year is natural wood textures such as rattan, wood, and wool. Individuals can trim the tree from top to bottom in decorations with a palette of greys and soft creams. It’s a very natural color scheme and it’s simple. 
  • The scent of Christmas: Keep the nostalgia alive with this tree trimming trend. Decorate the Christmas tree with berry sprays, pinecones, tartan ribbons, and more. Take it easy on the lights and instead, use candles and lanterns on the mantle. 
  • Pastels: Who doesn’t love pastels? Pastels are a huge trend with everything this year, including Christmas trees. This particular style mixes sparkle and shimmer with pastel colors mixed in. The pastel colors create a calm look. Pair it with some warm lights to give the tree that special twinkle. 

Where Do You Put The Christmas Tree Once The Holiday Has Ended?

After the holidays are over, people are stuck with a Christmas tree in their home and they may not know what to do with it. Discarding a Christmas tree the proper way can help the environment and individuals can get creative while doing it. 

  • Make Mulch: Homeowners can make mulch out of the pine needles that come off of the tree. Pine needles die slowly and dry quickly. This is an ideal choice for mold-free and moisture-resistant mulch. Crops that cover the ground, such as strawberries, can benefit from pine needle mulch. This can also be beneficial for additional tree planting. 
  • Repurpose The Trunk: Wanting to turn a garden into something spectacular? Consider cutting the trunk into pieces. The tree can be cut into 2” pieces and line a walkway or garden bed with them. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are good for the environment as well. 
  • Feed The Fire Pit: The easiest way to get rid of a Christmas tree is to safely burn it. Take off the branches and use them to feed an outdoor fire pit. Never use them in a fireplace in the home. This can lead to creosote build-up and potentially ignite the home. 

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