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Save Your Home from Tree Damage


Tree Service Experts based out of Des Moines, IA and Quad Cities Share About the Importance of Keeping Your Home Safe from Tree Damage  

The Dangers of Tree Damage

With the changing of seasons, the trees on your property will undergo changes, as well. While fall can cause your trees to appear beautiful with the changing of colors, during winter, your trees enter a state where growth stops and damage can occur. High winds, bitter cold temperatures, snow, and ice storms are all potential damage-causing issues for your trees. When trees are weakened due to winter weather, it puts your home and property at risk of damage. 

Rather than waiting for your tree branches to break and fall onto your roof, take the necessary steps outlined below to protect your home.

How Trees Cause Damage 

As wonderful as trees are for our property and quality of life, if they are not properly tended, they can become a source of damage to property, houses, and even people. Here are the five most common ways trees cause damage.

  • Roof Damage: When tree branches become weighed down with snow, grow too long, become weak, or are damaged in any way, they are more likely to break. Unfortunately, they will fall on whatever is below and many times that means the roof of your house. Branches can create significant damage to the shingles, actual structure of your roof itself, windows, and gutters.
  • Power Lines: Trees are frequent culprits of causing power outages. How does this happen? When trees are allowed to grow unhindered, their branches will grow out over powerlines if within close distance. During storms, branches will rub up against power lines or break and fall onto the lines causing damage. 
  • Car Damage: Many times, we park cars directly under trees to keep them cool and shaded. While this is usually a beneficial idea, during winter storms, weak and or dead branches could fall onto your car and cause significant damage to the vehicle. If a large enough branch falls, you could even deal with a totaled vehicle!
  • Landscape Damage: When trees or branches become weak or damaged, they are likely to fall during a heavy winter storm. Whatever is directly below your tree is susceptible to falling branches and can become severely damaged or broken. 
  • Driveway Damage: Similar to the way you view landscape damage, heavy tree branches that fall onto the driveway can cause significant damage such as broken cement, pitting in gravel driveways, or displaced pavement stones.

Tips for Protect Your Home

In order to avoid damage common to falling tree branches, there are a number of steps you can take. Here are tips straight from tree-trimming pros to help keep your home safe.

Plan pre-winter season trimming: By trimming your trees before the storms of winter hit, you remove dead, diseased, or weakened branches before they have a chance to become a problem.

Regularly inspect your trees: When you notice tree branches growing near or over the roof of your house, powerlines, or other areas that would be at risk for damage, schedule tree trimmers to come and trim your tree back. 

Scheduled Maintenance: Schedule a certified arborist to come out and inspect your trees for signs of damage, disease, or weakening yearly to ensure the best possible maintenance for your trees.

Professional, Certified Arborists  

Advantage Tree Service has been providing tree services for the Quad Cities including Des Moines, IA for over seventeen years. They offer a wide variety of services from tree pruning and removal to tree health and emergency services. With guaranteed on-time, no-hassle appointments, Advantage puts its customers first. Call today to schedule your appointment! 

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