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Cedar Rapids Tree Care Experts

Advantage Tree Services have been dedicated to preserving and extending the life of trees for homeowners since 2002. As experienced arborists, they are available for all your tree care needs.

Maintaining the trees on a property can have a lot of details that the average homeowner may not know. This is why the arboriculturists have dedicated their craft to maintaining and studying the trees that surround your properties. Cedar Rapids, IA boasts some of the most beautiful trees in the world, and small maintenance such as trimming and pruning makes a big difference in the life of your trees.

At Advantage Tree Services, we are your reliable tree service experts. Whether you need help maintaining your trees or are looking for ways to improve their health, our experts are by your side.

Why You Should Have Your Trees Pruned?

Pruning your trees is an important aspect of tree maintenance. The purpose of doing so is to eliminate the amount of dead or rotting tree branches that the tree may have. Doing so will greatly benefit the tree. For example, it is possible for one part of the tree to be diseased. Removing that part of the tree can stop the disease from spreading to other parts of the tree.

Another good example is a tree with some sparse areas. Pruning can also stimulate growth, and help the tree fill out as it should. Regardless of the why, pruning is best done at the tail end of the winter, or the very early spring so you can catch the trees as they are starting to bud.

What Is a Tree Emergency?

A tree emergency is anytime that a tree hazard has taken place. In the arborist field, a tree hazard can be a confusing topic as what it means to one person can have a very different meaning to another. Basically, a tree hazard occurs whenever the homeowner feels it’s an emergency.

Of course, some situations are more serious than others. Here is a list of the most common tree emergency situations:

  • A tree or large limb has caused damage to your home, person, or property.
  • A significant amount of tree branches and debris are on the homeowner’s roof.
  • The local authorities have instructed the homeowner to repair the tree problem immediately.
  • A tree on the property is dead, has dead or broken branches ready to fall, or the tree is leaning heavily to one side.
  • A tree or limb that prevents the homeowner from accessing or leaving the property.
  • A cat that is trapped.
  • Any trees, limbs, branches or stumps that either delay, stop, discourage excavation, construction, or the sale of the property.

Any one of these issues can be an emergency depending on the homeowner or caretaker. Another example of a tree hazard that would constitute emergency service is if a homeowner needed to have work done on a tree, but did not live at the residence.

Regardless of what your tree emergency is, it is crucial to know what the next steps are. In the case that there is structural damage or a tree has fallen and hit your home, make sure you leave the residence immediately and call 911 and your insurance provider. From there, you can call your local arborist expert for advice on how to move forward.

Signs You Should Schedule Tree Removal

While most homeowners will focus on caring for their trees, like any other plants on your property, at some point a tree can be beyond help. Tree removal is a very important part of an arborist’s job. At Advantage Tree Service, we take the time to ensure that this is the right choice for your trees. We often look for warning signs like:

  • Damage to the trunk
  • Rot or other health concerns
  • Location issues (too close to your home, near plumbing lines, etc.)
  • Compromised branches in the upper crown
  • The tree is leaning

If we determine cutting down the tree is the right option, we will help you through the entire process, getting you the service you deserve in your home.

The Benefits of Professional Stump Removal

A tree stump can become a nuisance in your yard and unless it’s properly removed, it can continue to grow. The best way to handle these situations is with a stump grinder. These powerful tools use a high-speed disk that not only removes the visible stump, but also the root growth that leads to it, ensuring you get a long-term solution. However, stump removal should always be left to the professionals.

More often than not, if done incorrectly, you can damage plumbing, electrical wires, and other underground components that lead to and from your home. When you hire a tree service company, thorough inspections will be done ahead of time, ensuring a highly effective solution.

How Is Tree Health Improved by Professionals?

Another way a tree service company can help your home is with tree health service. While most homeowners in the Cedar Rapids area know that watering is critical, there is a lot more you can be doing to keep healthy trees. For example, routine inspections are needed to ensure there is no mold growth or damage to the trunk of your tree. Additionally, if your tree is fruit-bearing, routine fertilizing is needed to keep the tree and its fruits healthy.

Similarly, when considering the health of your tree, you need to schedule routine care like pruning and trimming. This keeps the crown intact and promotes healthy growth. We also inspect the location, to ensure that your safety is guaranteed and that your tree is in the best location for growth.

Your Tree Service Experts

Relying on an arboriculturist is the best choice for both emergency service and pruning needs. An experienced tree service professional will be able to spot problems, find and execute solutions safely while maintaining the integrity of the tree at all times. At Advantage Tree Service, we are your local arborists. We offer a wide range of tree services that will not only help your trees remain healthy, but can also keep your home and family safe. Whether you’re looking to prune your trees or schedule routine fertilizing and inspections, you can count on our certified arborists for help.

Advantage Tree Service has been dedicated to the Cedar Rapids tree care cause since 2002. With friendly and expert professionals standing by, we are equipped to answer all of your questions. Give us a call to schedule your routine pruning at (563) 355-7508.