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Emergency Tree Service


Emergency Tree Services

Even with the best tree care, every homeowner can still run into a tree emergency. Knowing who to call is crucial for the survival of your damaged tree. Advantage Tree Services is Iowa’s pro arborists. 

One highlight of being a homeowner is the beautiful trees that grow within the property. Most residents take great pleasure from their yards and recognize the need for regular pruning, trimming, and overall tree maintenance. Unfortunately, inclement weather and other unforeseen conditions can cause damage. When this happens, relying on an experienced arborist gives homeowners the best chance of saving their trees.

There are a couple of frequently asked questions that accompany an emergency situation:

How does insurance work?

  • While all the policies written are very different, generally speaking trees are handled pretty uniformly. We certainly are not saying these things will always be true. We have discovered over the last couple decades that they have been pretty consistent. Below is a list of the things we believe to be generally true about your policy.
  • You will have to pay your deductible. This is usually between $500-$2500 so it is important to understand wether the damage actually warrants a claim or not.
  • The insurance generally will pay us whatever it takes within reason to get the tree off the house. We do need to be mindful of the timing of when the services are performed. If the service could save potential damage in the future it will be worth the added emergency cost. If the damage will not get much worse when waiting, then we could save some funds for the insurance company by waiting.
  • You usually only have about $500 for actual debris removal from the property. The good thing about this is that once the debris is on the ground and out of the way for contractors it usually does not cost much more than this to haul it away. In most cases we can haul all of the debris associated with the job away for this cost.
  • If you believe more damage may occur or the house is not secure with the tree on the property you normally do not have to get other bids. The adjuster usually expects the tree to be removed before he arrives on site to assess the damages.

Why is it so expensive?

A fallen tree or tree branch can affect your home in many ways. Though a large tree can cause considerable structural damage and potential injury to the occupants of the home, smaller branches and tree debris can cause problems, as well.

  • ​The services are expensive for a number of reasons. Often times these jobs are very difficult and they will need our most skilled employees. Often times these employees billable rates are close to $200 per hour.
  • In addition we usually have to cancel other clients jobs in order to meet the demand of getting the storm work completed in a timely fashion.
  • These situations also occur outside of business hours, this results in higher wages for the arborists working on your job and this increase is passed on to the insurance company.
  • Lastly equipment rentals & crane rentals are hard to come by when a large storm damages numerous trees. This results in higher prices for those services as well! In general we have found the prices to be about 50% higher in a storm environment.

What if I can't afford to pay?

  • This is usually something we can work around. In the end the only thing you will be responsible for in most cases is the deductible.
  • Our company does offer financing for 0% in this situation.
  • In order to get the work started we will need a claim number, insurance company name and a number for your adjuster! After we have that we should be able to make the home safe with no funds from you!

What if I want you to give me an estimate, but I do not want you to do the work?

  • This actually happens often. We are ok with giving advice and an estimate for the work regardless of if you plan to do the work with us. After we provide an estimate for extraction from the structure and clean up , many customers choose to clean up on their own. The insurance company will pay on our estimate, but we will only invoice for the work we do. This means you could get paid by your insurance company to clean up the tree that fell! The only thing we ask is for you to be up front with us about your intentions.

Why did the debris get left on my property?

  • Our main focus after a storm is make properties safe. In the event that we have numerous tree on houses we will focus our efforts on getting the trees off of the houses first. Once all of the trees are safe we will begin the clean up procedures! Our office should be available to let you know approximate times the clean ups will take place.

How fast can you be here?

  • Let us know your needs and we will do everything we can to accommodate your desired schedule date or time. We try to prioritize by greatest need.

Why Choose Advantage Tree Services

A professional arborist will not only be able to tell you how often your trees need to be pruned and trimmed, but they will also be able to spot problems before they become extensive property damage or personal injury. Tree care specialists will also have the experience to perform your tree care service with safety and accuracy.

Advantage Tree Services has been the arboriculturist experts in Iowa since 2002. Our main commitment is preserving and extending the life of your trees for as long as possible with dedicated care. Available for 24/7 emergency service, our team of professionals is ready to assist you at (563)355-7508.