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Iowa City


Iowa City’s Tree Specialists

The residents of Iowa City, IA have long cherished the trees in their community. Advantage Tree Services is dedicated to extending the life of all trees. Available for trimming, pruning, and emergency service, they are the arborist experts in Iowa City.

Iowa City is a beautiful landscape with several species of trees. Homeowners are more dedicated than ever in keeping the trees on their property well cared for. Tree trimming and pruning, however, can be a dangerous chore to tackle if you do not have experience in the field. When the time comes for your trees to be serviced, it’s beneficial to work with a trusted professional.

The Benefits of Having Your Trees Trimmed

There are many benefits of having your trees trimmed. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain the safety and longevity of the different species on your property. Here are a few benefits of having your trees trimmed:

  • Reduces the risk of personal injury and property damage by eliminating the possibility of falling trees and branches.
  • Trimming will allow your trees to be healthier as dead, dying, or infected limbs are cut away.
  • Increase or decrease of growth depending on what is needed.
  • Keeps the structure of the tree consistent reducing the number of broken limbs and branches.
  • Aesthetics as groomed trees will add curb appeal to your property.

How Often Should You Have Your Trees Trimmed?

The proper amount of time between trimming can vary depending on the type of trees that are on your property. Consulting a professional arborist will guarantee that your trees are looked after at the right times. Here are some general guidelines for determining the time frame:

  • The species of tree
  • The season you are currently in
  • What growth stage your trees are in
  • Any damage or potential emergency that can be spotted.
  • Any overgrown trees that can prevent access to the property or views
  • When branches, limbs, debris, or roots are causing issues or damage.

Why Work With A Professional?

A professional arborist will take all of the criteria above into account when determining how often your trees should be trimmed and pruned. They are also experienced in the best safety procedures, and the most efficient way to keep your trees healthy and growing.

Advantage Tree Service is the expert in the Iowa City IA area. They have been serving the community since 2002 with dedication and professionalism. Their team of friendly experts is always on time, on-call, with no hassles involved. Give them a call today for a consultation at (563) 355-7508.