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Quad Cities Tree Service Professionals

Advantage Tree Service is proud to be a part of the Quad Cities community since 2002. Keeping the tree culture well maintained, healthy, and thriving has been the number one goal. With expert arborists available, they are ready to assist the resident of Quad Cities with all their Tree Service needs.

Most homeowners can agree that having beautiful and healthy trees throughout their property brings many benefits. Taking care of the trees is just as important as maintaining the exterior of their homes. In order to keep the trees on your property growing and thriving, some maintenance and general vigilance can go a long way.

How Do You Determine A Tree Emergency?

A tree emergency, or a tree hazard to the arborist community, can be a tricky thing. A tree emergency is determined by the importance placed on the situation by the homeowner or property manager. As that is the case, what you believe to be an emergency may not be an emergency to your neighbor.

First and foremost, chances of bodily harm to the occupants of the home, or structural damage to the home, is always an emergency. In that case, the home should be evacuated immediately, and emergency services should be called.

Outside of that, there are several other situations where an emergency tree service call is warranted. These are the most common:

  • When a pet, particularly a cat, is trapped in the tree.
  • When a large amount of tree debris such as leaves and branches have broken off on the roof.
  • When the tree or a tree limb has made access to the home impossible.
  • When the city or state has demanded a tree problem be solved immediately by the homeowner.
  • When a tree is leaning precariously to the side.
  • If there are dead trees on the property.
  • If there are large tree limbs or branches ready to fall.
  • If the home is for sale, and any trees cause the sale to be forgone.
  • Any trees, limbs, or stumps that could impede construction or excavation of the home.

Though there are other reasons a tree hazard may come into play, these are the most common causes for concern, and they should be followed up with a call to your tree service providers.

When Should You Trim The Trees On Your Property?

Trimming the trees on your property is not as cut and dry as many homeowners would think. Depending on the type of trees that inhabit your property, you could be trimming the trees at several points during the year.

There are various ways to tell when and how often to trim, but it is generally accepted that late winter is the best time to do so. The late winter is the dormant phase for the tree, so trimming at this time will allow the tree to heal faster. There are also the advantages of there being fewer diseases, fewer bugs, less sap, and fewer leaves so you can see better. Here are a few other guidelines to follow:

  • Conifers- Best trimmed during late winter while still dormant.
  • Trees that bloom in Spring- Trim right after they bloom, but as early as possible.
  • Trees that bloom in Summer- Trim in late winter.
  • Trees that do not bloom- Trim in late winter.

Why It’s Important To Work With Professionals

While many homeowners are happy to work with any landscaping companies, only professional arborists will be able to properly care for the trees on your property. There are many different species of trees that all need to be handled differently. There are different lengths of time between trimming and pruning for some types, while others have to be watched more carefully for diseases and other forms of decay.

Safety is also a top priority for tree care specialists. Many arborists go to great heights to perform their work, not to mention the occasional kitten rescue, and they are equipped and experienced with the best safety procedures. Finally, the arboriculturist field of professionals is dedicated to the well-being and survival of trees. They will do all in their power to assure your tree survives any damage before the final decision to cut it down is made.

Advantage Tree Services is a leading expert on tree care in the Quad Cities area. Their educated and ethical employees are ready to help you make the best decision possible for your trees. Give us a call today at (563) 355-7508.