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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding In Quad Cities

Stump Grinding In Quad Cities

A tree removal project isn’t done until the stump is gone. Let the stump grinders at Advantage Tree Service finish your project for you.

Many do-it-yourselfers prefer to do their own tree removal or hire their landscaping company to do it. However, most people, landscapers included, don’t have access to stump removal equipment. Stump removal is an important part of the job because stumps can take many years to rot away on their own. Removing stumps can be a labor-intensive project if done with shovels and chainsaws. At Advantage Tree Service we use reliable stump grinding equipment that allows us to complete the job quickly and completely.

If you have stumps left over from a tree removal project, you can count on us to finish the job. Check out our testimonials page to see reviews from other projects we have completed.

Reasons To Remove Stumps

Once the tree is gone, many people assume the job is done. But the stump will be there for years to come. Even after the tree is gone, the roots live on and will continue to feed the stump. The stump can send forth new growth that can be unsightly and difficult to deal with once it is established. More often than not, that new growth can result in deeper roots, which can damage plumbing and gas lines. In many cases, that’s the reason a tree was removed to begin with.

If you manage to actually kill the stump, it will take a very long time for the stump to rot away. During this time, the rotting stump will become a habitat of termites and wood ants. If insects invade a stump near your home, your wood-framed house could be next on the menu.

Opting to remove the stump will add aesthetic value back to your landscape and can resolve the eyesore. Plus, you can plant another tree in the same place, which is especially good if you didn’t want to remove the tree in the first place.

Stump Removal Process

When you call our experts at Advantage Tree Service, we come out to remove a stump using our stump grinder. A stump grinder is a special machine with a fast-spinning wheel that shaves the remainder of the stump to just below ground level. Grinding the stump destroys it so that it won’t be able to regrow. After the stump is ground down, we will remove the remaining wood chips and you can decide what to do with the surrounding landscape.

Unlike excavation, which can cause additional damage and take a lot longer, a stum grinder essentially breaks down the tree completely. Removing the unsightly stump and also breaking down the root growth which can become a consistent problem down the line.

Why Choose The Professionals

Stump removal can be a very difficult process if you don’t have the right equipment. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and try it. Call us when you’re ready for our help. Stump grinders are very expensive to buy and rent plus you’ll have to figure out the logistics of how to get the grinder onsight without damaging the surrounding landscape and how to remove the debris.

Calling Advantage Tree Service can take out all the hassle. Our grinders are loaded up and ready to be moved to your job site to remove your stumps. What may take you multiple days to achieve we can typically complete in a couple of hours.

Advantage Tree Service has been serving the Quad City area for nearly 20 years. If you need a stump ground down or would like information about total tree removal services call (563) 355-7508 today.