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Tree Legacy Services


Tree Legacy Services in Quad Cities

Ensure the health and longevity of even your oldest trees by working with experienced arborists from Advantage Tree Service.

Tree legacy services are services that will help change the way we view trees. Many homeowners today view trees as liabilities. Our goal is to transform that thinking so that people view our trees as assets.

We focus on the services that will provide the most impact for the lowest cost. This means that there are many effective services that we will NOT offer. For instance, we will not spray trees or fertilize trees. While there are some extremely effective practices that involve these methods, we feel our resources are better spent in other areas.

Experienced Solutions for All Trees

When working with Advantage Tree Service, you’re not only working with experienced pros but actual arborists. This means we understand that every tree is different and that the care needs to be customized based on the age or type of tree. We specialize in a variety of care options, including:

There are so many Ash trees in our area that will be affected by the invasive emerald ash borer. We believe our arborists will develop effective plans to maximize the chance of keeping many of these trees alive so they can continue to benefit our properties and environment.

There are many native pests that are secondary problems that finish off many of our desirable species. When we are trying to nurse a tree back to health we will first focus on the primary problem which is usually root related. After that, we may have to protect the tree against these borers so it can recover. Our hope when using this product is that we will eventually be able to let the tree defend itself within a couple of years after application.

There are many issues with our urban soil and its relationship with our trees. Anytime we remove the tree from its natural environment we are inviting an opportunity for problems. This is an evil that is unavoidable if we want well maintained residential properties with trees! When the soil can no longer provide a micronutrient that may result in a decline, we can step in and address this deficiency while we work on the compaction and soil issues. Our hope when using this service is to nurse the tree back to health so that it can eventually extract these nutrients from the soil naturally!

Many of the beautiful flowering trees in our landscapes are affected by this devastating disease. The trees that get fire blight are often the centerpiece of the landscapes so we feel that if we can address this disease we can save a homeowner the hassle of redoing their landscape! There will certainly be some cultural practices that need to happen in conjunction with these applications. Our arborist will diligently examine the cost of these treatments in comparison with the benefits the tree provides to ensure the best solution.

Oaks tend to be the most desirable species in our communities. These majestic trees live long lives and provide benefits to our environment, our mental health, and our properties. Due to the fact that these trees are so valuable, we wanted to be able to protect them against the main diseases we see in them. Our arborist will diligently examine the cost of these treatments in comparison with the benefits the trees provide to ensure the best solution.

This long-lasting devastating disease has been killing Elm trees since the ’70s. Many times when the disease flares up in certain areas we will find ancient elm trees that need to be protected. Another case where this treatment would be beneficial is when an elm tree develops into a key tree in the landscape. When the tree becomes a staple that the homeowner wants we may decide to protect this tree!

Many times we can prolong the life of a tree by providing supplemental support to limbs that may have weak unions or splits. We usually use these as the last resort. Often times the appearance of the tree will be devastated when a large limb is removed. This service provides a less invasive and often times less expensive approach to saving the tree.

Mulch is magic for trees! The roots are generally where the majority of tree problems begin. When we can apply mulch that is high in organic content we can protect root zones, decrease susceptibility to drought, reduce compaction, protect trunks from lawnmowers and string trimmers, improve the appearance of the landscape and introduce many beneficial microorganisms that help the tree to uptake the needed micronutrients to thrive.

Addressing Growth and Defense Hightening

As the name indicates we can regulate the growth of some species. This means we can keep your front yard maple or your backyard tree the size you want! Sometimes homeowners would prefer their trees to stay small and we can help with that. Additionally, this product is used when we are trying to lengthen pruning cycles. Our arborist can carefully examine the costs associated with pruning your large tree with regulating the growth of your large tree.

Often times using this product will reduce the cost of owning the tree while improving the defense mechanisms in the tree! Lastly, we use this product to help the tree replace roots an improve defenses to native pests. Often times trees are designed to be able to defend themselves against the pest that eventually kills them. A tree will usually start a decline in response to an event like a drought, construction damage or compaction. When the decline starts the pests know that this is the tree to attack. Using this product will help keep the tree out of decline and keep those pests away.

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Every home is different as is every homeowner. While you can customize the color of your house and the layout inside, you may be missing out on an opportunity to customize your landscaping. Your trees are an essential part of the aesthetic and protection of your home.

At Advantage Tree Service we have over 17 years of experience as tree service experts and arborists. We understand the best treatment option for every species of tree that’s native to the area and can ensure your trees are at their best. Additionally, with some care and work, we can also customize your trees based on your vision, guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction with every service.

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