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Tree Pruning and Trimming


Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

Keep your trees looking their best with top-rated services from Advantage Tree Service. Call us at (563) 355-7508 – we’re always on time, on call, and offer quality services with no hassle. 

Keeping the trees in your yard well-maintained ensures they not only look good but that they’ll last for years to come as well. Just as your grass requires regular cutting, and flowers require watering and care, your trees require regular care to stay healthy. For over 17 years, Advantage Tree Service has been keeping the trees in your area looking great and growing right. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of pruning and trimming and how to tell when you’re due for professional tree service.

We believe that when we are pruning a tree we need to evaluate what is best for the overall health and appearance of the tree. If we don’t find a valid reason to remove a branch, we would prefer to leave it intact.

Some of the criteria we use to evaluate before pruning

Proper Clearance

Many trees grow too close to structures, utility lines, driveways and other landscape objects. When this occurs we can carefully remove those limbs according to ANSI* standards.

Overall Appearance

Trees serve many purposes! One of those is to provide color and beauty to your property. We can prune the tree to make it look how you want it. Keep in mind there will be some limitations here based on species and tree structure.

Identifying Hazards

It’s not possible to remove all potential hazards in a tree, but there are some specific tree defects that we look for in order to remove the likelihood of a failure that will cause damage. This type of objective would include removing dead wood, diseased  or weakly attached branches.

Branch Development

As trees grow in the urban environment there are luxuries that they are afforded that they do not get when living in the forest. This allows the trees to grow branches that will be detrimental to the long term health and safety of the plant. When we can correct these problems early, the long term health and longevity of the tree will be greatly improved.

The Benefits of Trimming and Pruning Your Trees

When you have your trees professionally trimmed and prune, it’s very beneficial to their longevity and growth. Keeping your trees well maintained helps your property and lawn look great, prevents dangerous situations from falling trees, and helps other plants by preventing overgrowth of trees from blocking much-needed sunlight. Advantage Tree Service understands how important these benefits are to homeowners and ensures a job done right to maximize the usefulness of their tree service.

The Process of Trimming and Pruning

While trimming and pruning are both equally important, they are also different. Pruning requires the use of shears and involves the removal of buds and leaves. The process of tree trimming is conducted by the use of a hedge trimmer or other device and removes loose or dead branches from the tree so it can grow properly. When performing either of these services, the experts at Advantage Tree Service are able to carefully evaluate the health of the tree and take any steps needed to preserve its growth and safety.

Why Choose Professional Tree Care

When you hire the experts at Advantage Tree Service, you’re hiring experience and dedication. Our professionals can quickly identify what your trees need to be healthy and ensure the removal of any hazards from your yard. We’ll leave your trees looking better than ever! Give us a call to schedule your trimming or pruning appointment today!

Keep your trees looking their best with top-rated services from Advantage Tree Service. Call us at (563) 355-7508 – we’re always on time, on call, and offer quality services with no hassle.