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Tree Removal


Tree Removal Services

A home or business owner at one point or another may need to have a tree professionally removed for a variety of reasons. Knowing who to call is crucial for safely removing a damaged tree or unnecessary tree within the landscape. Rest assured Advantage Tree Services are your pro arborists ready to help you through the process in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, and Quad Cities.

Our top priority is to maintain and keep trees healthy, but in some cases, they must be removed. If that happens our team is professionally trained to safely and effectively remove trees at competitive prices.

We understand that with tree removal you may be concerned with how your home, business or property will be impacted. Our goal is to clearly communicate and ensure that our process is understood and acceptable for your needs.

We utilize cranes, bucket trucks, spider lifts, skilled climbers and rigging to safely remove your tree. The use of minimally invasive loading equipment, yard mats, and log carts will help to reduce any damage and our team will leave your property better condition than when they arrived.  We can finish the job with a stump grinder to get the remnants of the tree cleaned up so it will appear as if the tree was never there.

Top Reasons for Removing Trees from a Landscape

Normally Advantage Tree Service is called in to remove a tree because of a potential threat, it is blocking a nice view or clearing the land is required. A large tree can cause considerable structural damage and potential injury to the occupants of a home or business.

The most common reasons for removing trees are:

  • Potential structural damage to the roof
  • Damage to power and phone lines
  • Blocking / Interrupting the landscape
  • Vehicle damage possibility
  • Potential damage to plumbing vent lines
  • Clogged and broken downspouts and drainage systems

Tree Removal Service with Crane and Lift

Advantage Tree Services has been the arboriculturist experts in Iowa since 2002. Our main commitment is preserving and extending the life of your trees for as long as possible with dedicated care. We’re also available for tree removal services, our team of professionals is ready to assist you at (563)355-7508.