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Tree Removal


Quad Cities Tree Removal

Don’t trust just anyone in the Quad Cities area to remove your trees. Partner with the licensed arborists at Advantage Tree Service.

At Advantage Tree Service, our certified arborists have been serving the Quad Cities area for nearly 20 years, we’ve done everything from emergency storm damage clean-up to build-site preparation. And as arborists, our passion is to protect the trees that are on your property, whether it be residential or commercial. Your property’s trees add tremendous aesthetic and financial value such that your trees represent a tangible investment of time. However, there are occasions when trees need to be removed. After thoughtful consideration and input from our arborists, if you decide you would like trees removed you can count on us to handle the job safely and completely.

Choosing a licensed and insured arborist ensures that you are in the best hands when it comes to making such a big decision. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the reviews from our satisfied customers.

Reasons To Remove Trees

Deciding to remove trees shouldn’t be a decision that is taken lightly. Since trees are slow-growing organisms they represent lots of energy and time that they have taken to grow. However, many situations warrant cutting down a tree. Some examples include:

The most common reasons for removing trees are:

  • Potential Structure Damage: The biggest hazard trees present is structural damage to homes or businesses. Sometimes trees can be pruned or trimmed to alleviate the danger but many times they must be totally removed.
  • Insurance Requirements: Since trees present a hazard to structures, many times insurance companies will require the removal of trees to prevent the probability of a future claim.
  • Blocking Landscape or Views: When it comes to views, less can be more in the case of trees. Too many trees can inhibit the growth of landscape and block views and should be removed if necessary.
  • Utility Encroachment: Commonly, trees can grow into power lines and their roots can damage septic and sewer systems. Tree growth must be controlled to prevent the loss of utilities such as electricity and sewer.
  • Build-Site Preparation: When preparing to begin construction, trees must be removed to provide a site for the building.

Whatever your needs, trust the tree care experts at Advantage Tree Care to help you remove your trees.

Tree Removal Service with Crane and Lift

Professional Tree Removal

Choosing a certified arborist is the best decision when it comes to tree removal. Arborists are trained and equipped to know how best to remove your trees with minimal damage to the surrounding landscape. Many landscapers offer tree removal service but they are often not trained, licensed and insured to properly carry out the job.

When the tree removal specialists from Advantage Tree care take on a job, you can rest assured that the job will be done with the best equipment and the highest level of safety. When we remove a tree, our goal is to protect the landscape from when we unload the first crane till we grind the stump and clean up your property.

What Happens To The Tree?

Since many people are reluctant to have trees removed, it is often a comfort to know that the debris will be put to good use. Depending on the species of tree it can be turned into firewood or we can mill it down into fine lumber. The smaller branches that show no signs of disease will be turned into mulch that will be put to use in various landscaping applications. So, even though the tree has been removed it will not go to waste.

Advantage Tree Service has been serving the Quad Cities area since 2002. With multiple certified arborists on staff you can have the confidence that your trees are being cared for by the best. Call (563) 355-7508 today for a consultation on tree removal or help with pruning or trimming your trees.