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Set Resolutions for Your Trees This Year

Advantage Tree Service in Des Moines wants to help tree owners care for their trees in 2021. 

This New Year has come around and people have set their resolutions and expectations for the year. Unfortunately for people, most of them will have given up their resolutions by Valentine’s Day. Have you ever stopped and considered what your trees may expect in the coming year? The way that weather patterns line up with the calendar makes the New Year the perfect time for you to help your tree reach its resolutions. 

Here is a list of resolutions that your trees would set so that they can have the best year of their lives!

Get Professional Pruning and Trimming Done

Just like people committing to lose weight and get stronger this year, your trees want the same thing. Damage from the previous year can result in dead limbs that can compromise the health of your trees. By trimming off the deadweight your trees can be lighter and healthier before they begin their vigorous growing season in the spring. 

The previous year’s growth can sometimes get out of hand on trees. The end of winter is the perfect time to help your trees shape up in the new year. Hiring a professional tree service company can ensure that your trees are pruned properly and safely so that they can go even more vigorously this year. 

Get Healthy with Fertilization Treatments

Trees need a healthy diet just like humans do. Rapidly growing trees and landscaping have a tendency to sap the surrounding soil of its nutrients. Late winter and early spring fertilization treatments can give your trees the edge they need to really thrive in the warmer months. 

Tree care services that have arborists on staff can provide fertilizer treatments or recommendations. Be careful hiring unqualified companies to fertilize trees since some landscaping fertilization practices can be less than ideal for trees. 

Get Grounded 

To take up all of that healthy diet that is provided by fertilization, the tree needs a strong root structure that is protected from damage. In the wild, trees would have a protective layer of last year’s leaves that would slowly breakdown to provide nutrients and protection. In landscaping, these leaves are usually removed. 

To mimic nature more accurately, mulching is a more convenient way for trees to have healthy roots. Mulch looks better than piles of leaves and provides habitat for the microbiome that slowly releases nutrients. So, mulching becomes the perfect solution to help keep your trees grounded. 

Plan Ahead

Many people set out in the New Year to be more organized and plan ahead. For your trees, they need this as well. With trees that haven’t been cared for in a few years, it may be helpful to have tree risk assessments performed by a qualified arborist. During a risk assessment, an arborist will determine the health of a tree and its potential threat to the surrounding landscape and structures. 

Tree owners will be given a detailed report with recommendations for trimming, shaping, and nutritional needs that trees may have. By scheduling tree risk assessments, tree owners will know how to keep their property and their trees safe and healthy in the future. 

Know Who to Ask for Help

A lot of the success of New Year’s resolutions can be attributed to the support structure in place to encourage success. Trees are no different. For a tree’s resolutions, you won’t need a personal trainer or an app that helps you organize. You’ll need the help of a qualified arborist from the tree service professionals at Advantage Tree Service in Des Moines. Call (563) 355-7508 today to give your tree a great start to a great new year.