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What is Considered a Tree Emergency?

Tree Emergency Solution

What is Considered a Tree Emergency?

Arborists in Des Moines, IA help you improve the value of your property with advice about tree service. 

Preventing Tree Damage To Your Home

While trees add a lot of aesthetic and financial value to your home, they also represent a significant liability. Mature trees that are close to your home can prevent premature weathering of your roof and siding but they can also damage them in the event that part of the tree breaks and falls onto your home. Many insurance policies don’t include coverage for damage caused by trees. Even if tree hazards are covered on your insurance, they will drive up the cost of your premiums. 

Using the services of a licensed arborist can help you prevent your trees from damaging your property and help you invest in the long-term safety and aesthetic value of your home. 

Taking Advantage Of Tree Maintenance

The best way to keep trees from becoming safety concerns is to prevent them outright. Having your trees assessed by a licensed tree service company can help you identify hazards that you may not even be aware of. As trees age and get damaged by weather, large portions can die in the limbs and the trunk. Since the damage is internal, most untrained people won’t be able to recognize it. 

A tree inspection performed by an arborist can recognize the damage and make recommendations to either save the tree or perform a complete tree removal if necessary before the tree falls on your home or power lines. 

Annual tree trimming and pruning is a good way to continue to keep your trees healthy. After an initial assessment, an arborist may recommend an annual trimming schedule to keep limbs from growing over your roof or into your power lines. Annual trimming is also done to keep trees in the proper shape after ice or storm damage. When sections of trees are damaged, they often will grow wildly out of control. Seasonal trimming will help them grow back into the correct, structurally sound shape.  

How To Handle A Tree Emergency

Tree emergencies occur when portions of trees or whole trees fall onto property or power lines. In the event of an emergency, first check that everything is safe. Sometimes downed power lines can still be carrying electricity and fallen trees and compromise the structural integrity of your house. Stay clear of any fallen tree emergency since they are always unstable. Call the necessary authorities to notify them. Then schedule a visit from an arborist. An arborist from a tree service company can help you begin to navigate the difficult process of dealing with insurance companies and contractors. 

What To Expect From An Arborist

Whether you are calling about a tree emergency or getting a risk assessment performed expect an arborist to be helpful and professional. Arborists have special training and special insurance that sets them apart from other unlicensed trades, such as landscaping. During a visit, an arborist will look for signs that your trees are unhealthy or a hazard to your property. 

If they find anything concerning, they may recommend corrective tree pruning or even total removal, if needed. Working with an arborist will ensure that your trees are getting the best care and that your property is protected from any hazards they might present. 

Advantage Tree Service has been serving the Des Moines, IA area for over 17 years. With a strong commitment to safety and excellence, we employ multiple safety experts and licensed arborists. Contact us for any of your residential or commercial tree trimming or removal needs.