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When is it Time to Remove a Tree?

Licensed Arborists in Des Moines, IA, Share Their Top Tips for Knowing When It’s Time to Remove a Tree 

Why Trees Are Important

Trees form an essential part of our landscape and our lives. More than just objects of beauty, trees provide shade during the hot days of summer, fruit to eat, oxygen to breathe, and even places for children to climb and build treehouses to play in. Unfortunately, over time, trees can get damaged or diseased and need to be pruned and sometimes even removed. 

Read on to know what signs to look for when removal of a tree might be necessary.

Signs a Tree Needs Removing

There are numerous signs to look for when a tree needs removal. Firstly, if a usually upright tree starts leaning to one side, you could be looking at a tree with structural damage. This is a serious concern that needs addressing right away. Trees with structural damage can fall without any warning. 

Second, if a tree trunk is hollow or significantly rotting, the tree has been compromised and needs to be removed immediately. Finally, if you notice large, dead branches on the crown, or top, of your tree, it could mean tree damage. Dead limbs in the top of your tree can fall without warning and injure people or damage objects below, like cars or roofs. 

What to Try Before Removal

The best way to avoid removal is to keep a close eye on your trees. When you notice something wrong, call in an arborist to address the issue right away. Sometimes, preemptive measures can save your tree. If you notice mold, mildew, fungus, or bacterial growth, there is a chance that chemical solutions used by arborists could stop the spread and save your tree. Pruning back damaged limbs is another potential solution to stop the spread of disease. 

Regular pruning will help the overall health of your tree. Finally, if you notice a lack of growth, be sure it’s getting enough water and nutrients. If you’re in a drought area, you might need to help your tree out by regularly watering. Supplementing the soil with added nutrients may also be beneficial depending on the composition of the soil where you live.

When to Call in an Arborist

After years of school and experience, an arborist can take one look at damaged, diseased, or dying trees and accurately diagnose the issue. They can also present a solution. It’s time to call in an arborist when you notice problems with your tree discussed in this article. If your tree can be saved they’ll be able to present solutions to do so. If it needs removal, they’ll also determine this and explain why. 

Calling in an arborist while your trees are still healthy is also a good idea. They can help you learn how to prune your trees to preserve their lives and health, and help you formulate a plan for the maintenance of your trees. It’s never a bad time to call in an arborist and get a professional opinion. 

Passionate, Expert Arborists 

Advantage Tree Service operates in the Des Moines, IA, area taking care of commercial and residential landscaping needs. They offer tree health, trimming, pruning, removal, and emergency services. They have over 17 years of experience and are staffed by a team of highly qualified arborists for all your tree removal needs.

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