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Why Fertilizing Your Trees in the Fall Is Important


Taking care of trees is important to maintain safety for the residents of Des Moines, IA. That is why the professionals want to make sure the homeowners fertilize their trees every fall. 

Tree Fertilizer Is Important

It really doesn’t matter what kind of plant it is, fertilizing plants is almost always encouraged. Fertilizing plants is no new feat either, this process dates back thousands of years to the beginning days of man farming for food. Fertilization is a great way to ensure that plants get the nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy, and this goes for trees as well. They might be tall and mighty creatures, but they still need lots of nutrients just like anything or anyone else. 

Some might even say that fall is the best time to fertilize trees. It can at least be said for the trees that bloom in the spring or summertime because the nutrients they receive in the fall helps them thrive throughout winter to have a little head start in the spring. To learn more about the importance of fertilizing trees in the fall, continue reading below. 

Prepare For Changes in Weather

Fertilizing in the fall, at the very least, prepares the tree for the colder weather to come. Throughout the warmer months, the tree uses tremendous amounts of nutrients to grow flowers and fruit. That said, replenishing these nutrients on its own can be difficult, especially when the weather gets colder. However, the tree must have enough nutrients at the beginning of spring to ensure the growing season is successful. 

The best and easiest way to ensure the trees are ready for the growing season is by fertilizing them in the fall. The fertilizer essentially puts a coat over the tree until the spring season when it can continue to receive the nutrients it needs from the soil and warm weather. 

Before purchasing a fertilizer, be sure to look for these ingredients: 

  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus 
  • Nitrogen
  • Bio-nutritional Materials 

Builds Strength in the Tree

After fertilizing every fall for multiple years, the tree begins to get stronger and stronger. Even after one fall season, the difference in strength is visibly noticeable. Particularly, the roots of the tree begin to strengthen. 

They might not be visible on the surface, but a tree without strong and healthy roots, isn’t a tree at all. The root system is the lifeblood of any tree, so when extra care is taken to fertilize and strengthen the root system, the tree is sure to respond accordingly. 

It is also recommended to purchase a deep root fertilizer for this reason alone. Why beat around the bush when you can get right to the source?

Extends Its Life

As if this weren’t enough, homeowners that remember to fertilize their trees will also see the lives of their trees extended. It is no surprise that when humans and animals are given the tools to thrive in life, they live longer and healthier lives as a result. Well, the same goes for trees!

Not only that, but when the trees are happy and healthy, they help spread that to the other plants and vegetation on the property. Trees do so much good for humankind, fertilizing them every fall to ensure they live a long life is the least we can do in return. 

Advantage Tree Services Knows Tree Care

It’s not enough to only care for trees when they are dead or dying. Homeowners must do what they can to maintain the tree while it’s alive and ensure it continues to grow healthy and strong for years to come. A great way to do this is by fertilizing the trees in the fall. The professionals at Advantage Tree Service know this and make sure their customers do too!